What is Mobile StrongBOX?

Mobile StrongBOX is designed to protect your entire phone's data. The application uses a strong public-key crypto-system that is optimized for mobile devices.

Mobile StrongBOX uses strong 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption for data and 1024-bit RSA encryption for keys. All cryptographic operations are performed using standard NOKIA libraries to ensure there are no security gaps or backdoors.

Any kind of information can be secured with Mobile StrongBOX. It does not only protect your data but also helps you if you have many things to memorize like passwords and credit card PINs. With Mobile StrongBOX you will not have to worry about these things any more!

Storing passwords, PINs, credit cards info, membership, login credentials etc. is now very easy and safe. SMS-es, MMS-es, files and folders can also be added to strongbox, keeping the hierarchical structure of folders(for example you can encrypt your private photos and videos so no one else can view them). Other developers offer some of these features in 2 or 3 different products, with Mobile StrongBOX you have them all in a single one, all data in a single secure place.

Key features: 256 AES + 1024 RSA, user-friendly interface, fully customizable templates(add/remove/rename/move fields), multiple files/folders import/export in one operation, no export needed to view the files(view them directly from strongbox), secure erasing of imported files ( if user wants to), copy/paste,arrange items however you like with move function, search function, auto-lock, multiple strongboxes, import data from CSV files, backup/restore, trash.

With Mobile StrongBOX you have your private information in your pocket anywhere, ON-THE-GO.

Mobile StrongBOX does not use license keys, so you pay once and use forever!!

For much more information, please read the User Guide or go to Support Thread
A complete list of supported devices can be found here.

mobile strongbox DownloadMobile StrongBOX has been granted the "Famous Software Award" from download.famouswhy.com
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The ad-powerred free full version is available now at OVI store!!
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Current version in Ovi store: 2.46.12

The Android version is under development!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Nokia N9(MeeGo/Harmattan) security code

Unfortunately I did not port Mobile StrongBOX to MeeGo because Nokia did not put some required crypto libraries on the device, but this post is about both Mobile StrongBOX and N9. I have a N9 for almost 4 months, yes, this is the best device that I've used so far, MeeGo swipe UI is great, it won prestigous A&AD Yellow Pencil award for both software and hardware design. When first played with it, I saw Track&Protect application and I was curious what it does. Just to play with it, I was forced to create an user account and set a security code. OK, I did it, but never activated the track options of this app. Now, 4 months later, because I have many private info(photos, videos, messages) on my phone, I tried to set an unlock code for my N9. This code prevents someone from unlocking my phone if I lose it, but it does not helps when the phone is connected to a PC or in case of firmware reflash. So, this code offers just basic protection. But I was not able to set the code, because it already has been setted! By who??!! I did not! After trying some default codes like 12345,00000, without success, I remembered that I setted a code for Track&Protect app, but did not remember it! Hopefuly, every time when I set a code/password, I save it to my Mobile StrongBOX app, that I use on my Symbian phones. And I was surprised to see that it was the exact lock code of my N9. So Track&Protect sets this lock code, but do not properly inform the user. I wanted to write this post because I know that there are many other users that have the same problem as me. I know because I searched the web for a solution to disable this lock code but did not find a proper one and many users faced the same issue.

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